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Scooter Services

Scooter MOT

An MOT is required on the majority of vehicles to ensure they are in a roadworthy condition; however, there are different requirements for when an MOT is needed. Mopeds or Scooters that are less than three years old will not require an MOT, whilst those over three years old will require an MOT every 12 months. Contact Fazakerley Garage today to book your Scooter MOT.

Scooter Servicing

It is recommended that you carry out a service once a year or at any point when you notice a change in performance, such as unusual noises or squeaks or if the tyre tread is becoming shallow. Your scooter will stay in good working order longer if you keep it well maintained and get it serviced regularly. Our friendly engineers at Fazakerley Garage offer a fast and efficient maintenance service for scooters.

Scooter Repairs

Our experienced scooter mechanics provide competitively priced scooter repairs from our fully equipped workshop at Fazakerley Garage. We repair, service and maintain all main scooter makes and models. Contact Fazakerley Garage today to discuss your scooter repair.

Scooter Diagnostics

Our scooter mechanics are experts with all scooter repairs ranging from engine repairs, electrical issues and scooter diagnostics. Contact the team at Fazakerley Garage, we will be glad to help.

Scooter Clutch

Scooters need oil changes, air filter replacements, and valve clearance inspections just like motorcycles, beyond this they also have their own set of specific maintenance needs. The centrifugal clutches wear overtime. The clutch shoe linings and drum inside diameter need to be inspected periodically and anytime the clutch is slipping or failing to disengage. Our skilled mechanics can offer advice and affordable clutch replacement.

Scooter Brakes

If you are looking for a local scooter mechanic in Liverpool to replace your scooter brakes you are in the best possible place. No matter what issue you are having our skilled mechanics at Fazakerley Garage can help you.

Scooter Tyres

Typically, scooter tyres should be replaced within five years of use, even if there's not too much wear and tear on a visual inspection. Fazakerley Garage offer maintenance and tyre replacement services for all scooter makes and models.